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Our sewer repair company can solve any problem in Crowley & Church Point, LA

Do you need a sewer repair company to get your sewer system back up and running? For over 20 years, Louisiana Sewer Solutions has been serving Crowley & Church Point, LA. We specialize in servicing Alliance and Delta sewer systems, but we can take care of systems from various manufacturers. Our sewer services also include installations, so we can install an entirely new septic system and line on your property if needed.

Time to pump your backed-up sewer system? Call 337-458-8023 now for professional sewage services.

Our property services

Whether you're getting a property ready for construction, or you're just handling your regular property maintenance, bring in our experts. You can depend on us for:

  • Dirt work - installing dirt pads, dirt driveways and culverts
  • Sewer services - installing and repairing sewer systems and sewer lines
  • Pumping services - pumping grease traps and sewer systems to clean them out

We're proud to offer competitive prices, free estimates and veteran discounts for our high-quality work. Plus, we take customer service seriously and strive to provide great experiences for every customer that we serve. Contact us today if you need help from our sewer repair company.